Fat Git on a Bike

“Well, it’s just Dad isn’t it?”


As a daughter, it is more than often easy to overlook, if not dismiss their father’s achievements because one is so used to viewing their father as this comically out of date, untrendy, maybe even embarrassing figure. As my father frequently chuckles “what are dads for? Embarrassing their daughters of course” and thus it stands, dads are embarrassing. Indubitably it is common for family to not appreciate the efforts of other family members because we are so exposed to their stories that we lose interest and we no longer view them as the heroes that they are. We expect a certain standard from them and we take them for granted.

To take a moment to really pay attention to what one has to say can uncover a whole new dimension of truth, another side to them, another layer to the onion. It can alter one’s opinion as the realisation hits, that all is not what it seems. Dad is not simply “just Dad”, Dad is maybe even… Batman.

I have always looked in awe at my dad, he has always been my hero. Admittedly he does not look like one. He’s got a bit of a belly and he’s a bit smelly and he is definitely going deaf AND maybe even slightly losing the plot with age catching up with him, but he has real talent and no one can argue that he does not work hard. He is inspiring and I can only aspire to be like him.

In all honesty, I only read this book because my dad said he would pay me to. However, this book lead me to the conclusion that my dad is a beast. (More than I already thought and not because he is giving me money and I am a poor student.) I was unaware of the extent of my dad’s humour, nor of the fierce drive that carries him like a warrior into battle. I was oblivious of his relentless efforts to succeed as well as help those in need and I was impressed by his honesty. I mean this guy successfully disguised himself as Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy for as long as I can remember. For about ten years I was totally unaware of the disappointing truth that Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy were both my dad all along! Yet here he is stripping back all the glamour and the fun, exposing himself for who he really is “a fat git on a bike” and sharing the truth of his rollercoaster of a journey for our own amusement. It is evidently not a blissful walk in the park being Ian Henery. It is hell. For a normal person.

I am proud of you Dad. You’re alright you know. Good job.